-Forklift Battery Watering System

Forklift Battery Watering System
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·INTRO·RELATED CONTENT·DEFINITIONSIntroIt’s not just the charging that requires close attention and regular checks – the fluid inside of lead acid batteries involves regular work.Lithium-ion batteries are sealed shut, and the electricity-generating chemicals inside will stay i...

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It’s not just the charging that requires close attention and regular checks – the fluid inside of lead acid batteries involves regular work.

Lithium-ion batteries are sealed shut, and the electricity-generating chemicals inside will stay inside, requiring no liquid-related effort by forklift operators.

Lead acid batteries are quite the opposite, on the other hand, and require an entire forklift battery watering system that employees must learn to abide by if they want the battery to function well for its maximum possible service life.

The lead acid forklift battery watering system involves:

· Only topping off with water when it’s fully charged and cooled down

· Refilling water often enough so that the top of the lead plates is never exposed, which is approximately every 10 charge cycles

· Being careful not to overfill with water

· Leaving enough space for the liquids inside to expand, which happens when the battery is in use

· Use water between 5 and 7 on the pH scale

There are battery water monitoring systems that can automatically let you know when water needs to be added, or it can be done by checking it yourself.

There are also battery watering systems that automatically add exactly the right amount of water, which can also be done manually.


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Battery Watering: An important part of lead acid battery maintenance which is necessary to keep the battery functioning. Watering a battery, helps keep the electrolyte levels from overflowing after being charged. This helps prevent acid-related and overheating damages. Gassing also causes water loss which is why battery watering is necessary.

Battery Corrosion: The electrochemical reaction between metal and its environment that causes the battery material to deteriorate. Lead acid battery lead grids often corrode in service, which is an issue only lead acid batteries have. This usually leads to battery failure.

Lead Acid Battery Maintenance: Lead acid batteries require regular maintenance due to electrolyte levels decreasing during the discharge process.

Maintenance Free Battery: Batteries that are sealed and don’t require service or attention to electrolyte levels. Lithium-ion battery packs are sealed meaning they do not require regular maintenance.

Deep Cycle Battery: A lead acid battery that can sustain power over a long period of time until 80% discharged. “Deep cycle” means the level of discharge in comparison to other lead acid batteries that cannot sustain the same energy over a period of time.

Charge Cycle: The charge cycle refers to the process of charging a battery to full capacity, and then discharging the battery. That complete process is referred to as the charge cycle.

Overfilled Battery: A lead acid battery that gets over watered. This can cause electrolytes to dilute and diminish battery performance.

Battery Watering System: System created to fill all battery cells at the same time.

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