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Head battery companies have laid out the lamination process in succession, which is expected to be applied on a large scale
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The battery manufacturing process is mainly divided into lamination process and winding process. At present, China's battery companies focus on winding, but with the progress of lamination technology, a large number of battery companies begin to enter the lamination field....

The battery manufacturing process is mainly divided into lamination process and winding process. At present, China's battery companies focus on winding, but with the progress of lamination technology, a large number of battery companies begin to enter the lamination field.

The recent research report of CITIC Securities pointed out that at present, mainstream battery companies have lamination battery technology route planning. Under the trend of large square battery size, with the technological progress of lamination equipment, the lamination process is expected to be applied on a large scale.

What is lamination process?

It is understood that lamination refers to a production process of alternately stacking the pole pieces and diaphragms together to finally complete the multi-layer laminated pole core. Compared with the winding process, lamination process has more advantages in energy density, safety, cycle life, etc.

CITIC Securities Research reported that among the three different forms of lithium batteries, the cylindrical battery only uses the winding process, the soft package process only uses the lamination process, and the square battery can use both the winding and lamination process. At present, the global head battery company's future product planning is gradually switching to laminated battery.

Some analysts said that the lamination process can effectively prevent the pole core defects such as powder drop and gap due to the bending of the pole piece and diaphragm in the winding process; At the same time, in terms of magnification, the laminated structure battery has better magnification performance than the ordinary structure, the middle structure of the pole lug and the multi-pole lug structure battery of the winding process. From the perspective of battery factory application, BYD and Honeycomb Energy, for example, the application of lamination technology has gradually matured, and the production efficiency has been improved rapidly. In some cases, the efficiency is ultra-far winding.

However, there are some problems in the lamination process, such as low production efficiency and high equipment investment.

Multiple head battery companies layout lamination process

The Battery Alliance noted that among the world's leading battery companies, LG New Energy, BYD, SKon, China Innovation Airlines, Vision Power and Funeng Technology have all laid out the lamination route.

For domestic companies, on November 2, Honeycomb Energy announced the successful mass production of the third-generation high-speed lamination technology independently developed. The new lamination technology integrates polar thermal lamination and multi-plate lamination fusion technology, which has achieved a disruptive breakthrough in lamination efficiency, reaching 0.125 seconds/piece, which is more than 200% higher than the second-generation efficiency. At the same time, the unit area of equipment has decreased by more than 40% year on year, and the product safety is better and the production yield is higher.

As the first battery company to introduce the high-speed lamination technology into the square battery production, the mass production of the third generation high-speed lamination technology of Honeycomb Energy will lead the power lithium battery industry to accelerate into the lamination era.

On September 9, Funeng Technology launched the new power lithium battery solution SPS (SuperPouch Solution). In the low temperature performance part, the cell adopts the all-pole lug and lamination process, equipped with liquid cooling plate and nano thermal insulation material, and also applies the low temperature fast self-heating design.

On September 3, Xinwanda announced the SFC480 ultra-fast rechargeable lithium battery product. In terms of structural innovation, the product adopts lamination-connectionless link technology, and the core 100% adopts CT detection technology, making the lamination accuracy reach± At the same time, CCD online detection is used to prevent the outflow of defective rate and further ensure the lamination accuracy.

BYD announced the blade battery in March 2020. The blade battery is produced by lamination process, the alignment can be controlled within 0.3 mm, and the lamination efficiency is 0.3 s/pcs.

China Innovation Airlines launched the world's first all-pole ear lamination technology and products in 2019, which fundamentally solved the safety risk of R-angle lithium precipitation of winding structure products and greatly improved the safety performance; In the second quarter of 2022, the efficiency and accuracy of the new generation of all-pole ear thermal composite cutting and stacking integrated system, which combines all-pole ear, thermal composite, ultra-high-speed lamination and other technologies, once again achieved a huge breakthrough in the square battery production line of China Innovation Airlines, with the overall system up to 500 pcs/min and the lamination accuracy up to 0.25 mm.

The soft lithium batteries of Vision Power are all laminated.

In terms of foreign companies, LG New Energy mostly adopts the laminated soft package design, and its battery core currently mainly adopts the Stack&Folding stacking process.

SKon has a unique lamination technology to ensure that the electrode core will not be distorted during the charging and discharging cycle, and the life of the electrode core is longer and the safety is higher.

Large market space for lamination equipment

CITIC Securities predicts that the lamination process in the square battery is expected to be used on a large scale in the future. It is predicted that by 2027, the battery output using lamination equipment will reach 845GWh, and the corresponding lamination equipment space will be about 25.3 billion yuan, equivalent to 35% CAGR in the next five years. It is reported that the laminating machines currently used on the market are mainly divided into four types: Z-type laminating machines, cutting and laminating machines, thermal laminating machines, and rolling and laminating machines.

At present, China's major lithium battery equipment manufacturers are stepping up efforts to layout the laminating machine field. In response to investors' questions, Kerui Technology said that the company was positioned as a supplier of late-stage solutions in the new energy lithium battery manufacturing equipment industry. The lamination technology was in a leading position in the industry. At present, it is one of the leading suppliers of consumer battery lamination machines in the industry, and it is important to supply lithium battery core making, cell assembly, battery module assembly and other related equipment for new energy customers.

Yinghe Technology said on the investor interaction platform on November 4 that the company's laminating machine products are leading in performance, and its key customers include Honeycomb Energy, BYD, Xinwanda, German Volkswagen, etc.

It is worth noting that most lamination equipment companies are relatively small in scale and volume. If they want to match the development of the future soft pack power lithium battery market, they will face the impact of large lithium battery equipment listed companies. Some insiders pointed out that the laminating machine has not been widely used in the battery industry at present, and the important bottleneck is the difference between laminating and winding efficiency. The laminating machine is still in the technical iteration period, and there is still a large gap between the laminating machine and foreign equipment.











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