25.6V ENERBYTE Pallet Trucks LiFePO4 Battery

Applicable to many brands of electric pallet trucks on the market: Heli, Still, Toyota, Crown, Linde, Jungheinrich, Raymond...etc

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Pallet Trucks Batteries

The characteristics of lithium batteries for pallet trucks are as follows

High energy density

It can store a large amount of electrical energy to ensure the long operation time of the pallet truck.

Light and portable

Relatively lighter than traditional lead-acid batteries, reducing the overall weight of the pallet truck and improving the operational flexibility.

Long lifespan

It has a long cycle service life, reducing the frequency and cost of battery replacement.

Fast charging

It can be charged in a relatively short time, improving the usage efficiency of the pallet truck.

Product Advantages

Low self-discharge rate

The power loss is small in the idle state and can be put into use at any time.

Stable performance

It can maintain relatively stable performance in different working environments and temperature conditions.

Management System

It is equipped with an intelligent battery management system to monitor battery status (power, temperature, voltage, etc.) in real time, enhancing safety and reliability.

Good Low-temperature Performance

It can still maintain good performance in low-temperature environments and is suitable for working scenarios in various climates.

Our Products

ENERBYTE lithium battery for pallet trucks, with powerful performance and long-lasting endurance, injects unlimited possibilities into your pallet truck operations!

25.6V 206Ah
25.6V 206Ah
25.6V 200Ah
25.6V 690Ah

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