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Tianjin Enerbyte Electronics Co.,Ltd is one of the leading ev battery, lfp battery, lifepo4 battery, ev lithium battery, electric vehicle battery manufacturers and suppliers, with professional factory we are able to offer you customized ev battery, welcome to check ev battery price with us. We have a professional team of development and management team. We utilize the most advanced equipment and testing facilities to make the top quality battery cell and battery packs.

  • What is Battery cycle life?

    Battery cycle life is defined as the number of complete charge - discharge cycles a battery can perform before its nominal capacity falls ...

  • What is depth of discharge (DOD)?

    The Depth of Discharge (DOD) is a measure of how deeply a battery is discharged. When a battery is 100% full, then the DOD is 0%.

  • What is state of charge (SOC)?

    The State of Charge describes how full a battery is. The exact voltage to battery charge correlation is dependent on the temperature of the battery.