LiFePo4 Forklift Batteries

6 major advantages of LiFePO4 batteries for forklift


✔ Automotive grade battery cells

✔ Strong safety performance

✔ Long cycle life

✔ Memoryless Effect

✔ High current charging and discharging

✔ Intelligent chipset


Low Voltage

Short Circuit

Over Current

Over Voltage

Retrofit your forklifts to Lithium-ion

Because although the current price of lithium forklift batteries is higher than that of lead-acid batteries, they provide a lot of benefits to save costs in the long run.

  • Lower cost throughout the service lift
  • Higher efficiency means greater power
  • The battery can be left on the device for quick charging.
  • Long duration with less downtime
  • No need to maintain,water or exchange
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Which LiFePO4 battery is best for your forklifts

LiFePO4 Batteries for Forklifts

To adapt the most forklifts ranges, our batteries are generally divided into 4 systems: 25.6V, 38.4V,51.2V and 80V. Do not be hesitate, your ideal battery are definitely here!

All Lithium Forklift Batteries
25.6V 200Ah
38.4V 200Ah
83.2V 450Ah
Zero Maintenance

✔ No need to fill distilled water regularly.

✔ Saving labor and maintenance costs.

✔ Saving downtime and improve production efficiency.

✔ No need to endure acid overflow,corrosion,sulfate or pollution.

Long Life & 5 Years Warranty

✔ The cycle lift exceeds 3500 times.

✔ 5 year warranty for peace of mind.

✔ The design life is 10 years,which is more than 3 times the life of the lead-acid battery.

Multi-shift Operation

✔ Keep a large fleet working 24/7.

✔ Maximizing your operating efficiency.

✔ A lithium-ion battery can provide a forklift truck for multiple shifts.

Consistent Power

✔ Keep higher productivity,even at the end of the rotation.

✔ Provide consistent high-performance power and battery voltage in the process of fully charging.

✔ The flat discharge curve and high continuous voltage means that the forklift is running faster each charging without becoming slow.

Build-In BMS

✔ Remote diagnostics and software upgrades.

✔ Real-time cells balance and battery management.

✔ Ensures the battery provides optimal performance.

✔ Real-time monitoring and communications are performed through CAN.

Display unit

✔ Display remaining charging time and fault alarm.

✔ Display key information of the battery,such as charging level,temperature and energy consumption.

NO Battery Exchange

✔ Further save costs and improve security.

✔ No security problem,no exchange equipment required.

✔ No risk of battery physical damage when replacing.

Ultra Safe

✔ The sealing device does not release any discharge.

✔ The remote control automatically warns when something goes wrong.

✔ The LiFePO4 batteries have very high thermal and chemical stability.

✔ Built-in multiple protections,including overcharge, over discharge,overheating,and short circuit protection.

Items was delivered according to my expectation, not yet tested but the items look good and brand new. Kudos to seller that can serve fast and better products.

John Doe
Jul 6, 2023

Took a while to get it but this battery is awesome. I am using it to power a 45lb trust Minnkota trolling motor in my kayak. Lasts all day and the weight savings over an AGM really makes a difference.

Jul 17, 2023

Excellent batteries. Literally get to play all day. 100% satisfied.I love the lithium battery of ENERBYTE, and I bought a sample to test it with skepticism. The effect is very good, and I am ready for the next batch order.

Jun 29, 2023

What amazes me is that the ENERBYTE lithium battery factory, low MOQ, supports customization, has a good attitude and is very patient. Love this one-of-a-kind battery. Performance is very good, compared to lead-acid batteries.

Jun 29, 2023

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